The Rumbling of Berryman

Lately, I feel that I am finally waking fully to the poetic side of myself.  I am valuing it more than I ever have.   It is truly an excellent time to wake with a goldmine of material to be found electronically. So instead of retreating back to my shell as would be my normal convention I would like to say that in John Berryman, I feel a close affinity and connection. Maybe I just have a soft spot for brilliant self-centered drunks.  That said, I think that the best things I’ve found online are an interview with him from The Paris Review and a reading that he did at Iowa which is posted on Youtube in 6 parts.  I think that he had an amazing poetic voice, and he was an amazing and dedicated teacher of poets, fostering many of the pantheon of great American poets.  I would have loved to meet the man.